Planks a lot!

Planks. So simple, and so effective. I love planks because you can do them almost anytime or anywhere. You don’t need a gym, a warm-up, special shoes, or anything. Just a few minutes and a floor. In the gym, I often build them in as “rest” intervals in a superset routine.

Planks are a key component for core strength and spinal alignment. Training your vertical core stabilizers in a horizontal plane gives them a new challenge with safety and control. A proper plank also promotes equilibrium between left and right sides – especially valuable to people who “cheat” or favor their dominant side.

Start with a simple alignment, as shown. Elbows under shoulders, upper arms perpendicular to the floor, feet together like a standard push-up. Focus on straight alignment of the spine through the tailbone. Do not lift your head or arch your neck. Contract your transverse abdominals to prevent sagging at the waist/belly. Breathe! Hold and breathe!

How long can you go? Take a rest….and do another round. You will be walking tall and your body will thank you!

When you have mastered the standard plank, we will celebrate by increasing the difficulty! Cheers!