The Winning Formula



The Big Secret. The Super Hack. The Magic Pill. I get asked all the time about the latest fad diet, fitness gimmick, quirky science, or superfood from the Brazilian rain forest. This is mostly noise and nonsense.

The Winning Formula is the one you probably already know. A sensible and healthy balance of diet, exercise, rest, hydration, and healthy lifestyle choices.

There are tons of information out there about every one of these health aspects. You already have unlimited access to more knowledge than you could possibly use. Still, you may not be getting the results you want. Why?

The usual reason is mindset. You do not have the mindset of a healthy balanced life. You do not have the habits produced by a healthy lifestyle mindset. Bring on a coach that will re-shape your mindset for a top-down overhaul of your healthy lifestyle choices. Work with a coach until a healthy mindset, and the right habits, are burned into your DNA. That is the path to long-term health and fitness success. That is the Winning Formula.